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Hi! Welcome! My name is Macy McNeely. I am a wife to Austin and a dog-mom to Cookie.

I am super excited that you’re here… like SO excited.

On my site, you will learn about 3 opportunities: 

  1. LiveFully: Wellness and Nutrition coaching 
  2. LeadBoldly: Walking with women as they build an at-home business 
  3. Clearly Confident: Helping leaders reach their full potential through influence training
Have a look around – apply to the programs that you’re interested in and let’s be friends! 



“If you’re looking for someone who cares about you, your goals and your progress, Macy is your girl.”

“She is available 24/7 to provide encouragement and support throughout your three to four-week wellness journey. She places your goals as the highest priority and creates a plan just for you, ensuring satisfaction with your results. Macy is so gracious as she works with you and walks alongside you.”

“I went through Macy’s wellness program to prepare for my wedding and I can honestly say it was the best decision. Not only do I look and feel better but I also learned some invaluable truths about nutrition and physical fitness that I’ve carried over into my marriage. I am seriously forever grateful for what I learned and how I changed over just four weeks on my customized wellness plan.”

“Being a client of Macy’s is a decision that you absolutely will not regret.” – Grace