Hi! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Macy McNeely and I am a fitness & health-loving girl! This is my husband, Austin. We’re learning how to create our own healthy habits that work for us. He is a country boy that loves his fried okra, Zaxbys chicken finger plate and ‘cookie snacks’. I come from a health-conscious family that loves to feel strong. Finding balance is important as Austin and I “leave and cleave” as newlyweds.

I believe in whole foods, exercising to feel good and balance. I believe in practicing time management to make health & fitness a lifestyle. I believe in always choosing people first because what is life without those you love? I believe God wants us to treat our bodies well. He wants us to be healthy in order to serve Him the best we can. You only have one life, live it feeling GREAT about yourself!

This blog will be about what I do to integrate healthy habits through different seasons of my life. It’s not easy! Community is key. I love learning from others and I hope to do the same for those who come across my blog. Let’s do this together!

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