Fun Things are Important, Too!

Who says you can’t have fun & be a ‘fit girl’ at the same time? This weekend I went to a bachelorette party for my very sweet friend, Hope. We’ve been friends since 6th grade. That’s right, SIXTTH GRADE. That’s 13 years of friendship. Pretty awesome.

We went to the most beautiful winery! It’s called Montaluce in Dahlonega, Ga.


We had cheese, wine, chocolate, appetizers and a delicious dinner. When it comes to cheating, everything in moderation. Should you do this every weekend? Probably not. When I cheat, I choose to make it an experience with other people I love. I want it to be a memory. Cheating alone is no fun! And certainly not worth it.


The bride tribe!


I’m 5’9″, Hope is 4’11″… I’m never not squatting in pictures together.


We had a beautiful private tour of the winery! It was such an awesome experience.


I hope you feel encouraged to enjoy yourself with the people around you. Remember, people always come first. That is what life’s about.



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