Focus On The Moment

“Focus on the moment, not the monsters that may or may not be up ahead.” - Ryan Holiday

I like to think of “anchors” as habits. For me, the two words are interchangeable. They are the daily healthy practices we choose to commit to that ground us in the present. Anchors are the pillars of a healthy life. Hitting them is non-negotiable.

Often our emotions can sabotage our greater goals because change is hard and our emotions don’t respond well to “hard.” That’s fine. Anchoring the day with healthy habits that do and don’t have anything to do with eating healthily will domino and, over time, compound into wide-sweeping change.

Once you notice yourself doing things that are healthy for you, that support your health and greater goals, that you once-before only imagined yourself wishing you could accomplish—you’ll begin to see yourself from a new perspective, and you’ll feel inspired by seeing yourself change. You’ll notice the change by the way you present yourself to the world; that is, by the things you do, the actions you take, what you’re eating, how you’re getting it, the language you’re using, the things that interest you, what you speak about to others.

You’ll notice that the way you feel is directly connected to how you’re treating yourself. Rather than trying to outthink or outperform our bodies, we find the middle ground between body and mind. The two work together.

Focus on your anchors today. What are those daily practices that are the pillars for your healthy life? Mine are: early wakeup call, make the bed, quiet time, exercise, plan/make to-do list for my day, drink 128 ounces of water.


xoxo macy

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