My Favorites: Supplements

I love supplements – they help me achieve results that I just can’t get with food alone. Here are the supplements I use and love.


“Energize” gives me a rush of energy ready to CRUSH my workout. Mine is plant-based and tastes like lemonade! There’s nothing weird in it and it’s not going to make you tingly (start with ½ a scoop and work your way up)

Link for a tub of energize

Link for a sample of energize


“Hydrate” is what I use during my workouts. Ever since reading the book “TB12” by Tom Brady, I realized how crucial they are for proper hydration. This is essentially gatorade without all the sugar. Without electrolytes, the cells in your body wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other or perform essential functions like muscle contractions.

Link for tub of hydrate

Link for a sample of hydrate


“Recover” is my protein that I drink DIRECTLY after my workout. It has whey protein, BCAAs and Glutamine. I LOVE whey protein because it contains an incredible range of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly. Numerous studies show that it can help you increase strength, gain muscle and lose body fat. BCAAs reduces fatigue, increases endurance, increases lean mass, reduces soreness and muscle damage. Glutamine is very effective. It is a conditionally essential amino acid; meaning under certain circumstances your body cannot produce it on its own. When your body has been through stressful situations (exercise, for example), plasma glutamine levels drop and therefore need to be replenished.

Link for tub of recover in chocolate flavor

Link for tub of recover in orange flavor

If you have any questions about how to use supplements, do not hesitate to email me at!


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