Clearly Confident: What is it?

Loy and I are so excited to be launching our first Clearly Confident Webinar on August 12th at 8pm EST. Just as any new business, we are figuring it out as we go. This blog post is going to (hopefully) be super clear as to what Clearly Confident is and why we wholeheartedly believe everyone needs it.

Take a look at this diagram:
CC Web

As you can see, Clearly Confident is the top. It is the brand. It is the end goal: you will walk away from each one of these courses feeling and being clearly confident to everyone around you.

The first and most important course is the upcoming one: How to Build Value and Earn Trust. This course is perfect for you if you are in sales, an entrepreneur or want to improve your relationships with your coworkers, friends, and family. We will teach you how you can inspire others to take action on your product, service or idea. It’s a human relations approach to influencing the people in your life. The word “influencer” has become a social media term nowadays. But we ALL have influence. No matter who you are: you have influence over your spouse, your kids, your friends, your co-workers… everyone. We need to use it well.

There will be upcoming Clearly Confident courses as well. “Building a Better You” and “Goal Setting” are just a couple of examples. But Loy and I believe that “How to Build Value and Earn Trust” is the most important. It is the backbone. It’s what turned my business around, it’s helped Austin grow his business and Loy says this material was the pillar of building his clients, business, and family. This gave him the inspiration to prepare a course, and he has been working on it for years. He taught me this material last year and I couldn’t believe how much it changed my mindset. This is when I knew we HAD to work together to share this course with you.
This material is proven and effective. It’s a life-long skill and we truly believe that every single person will walk away feeling confident, clearly.



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