My Skin Care Routine

When it comes to skin, I believe nutrition and water play an ENORMOUS role in it. In fact, I have a ‘vacation pimple’ right now from eating and drinking whatever I wanted from my Mexico vacay. My skin reacts almost instantly.

However, it doesn’t hurt to have a sis, Alex, that is a PA in dermatology. She has taught me SO MUCH about skin care. She believes it is best to get skin care recommended by your dermatologist. It can be very overwhelming with so many people and sources out there giving you their opinions and recommendations. Ultimately I think you can be confident that your dermatologist has chosen superior products to carry for their patients.

As a product junkie… I didn’t love to hear this. I loved getting little masks at target or smell-good eye cream because I saw it on a youtube channel. But, I took a risk and invested in quality products, and I have to say, my skin has never been better. My makeup has never gone on smoother. I am a believer.

Another part of my skincare that I like to disclose is botox. I get it in-between my eyebrows to prevent “elevens”. Botox is used to relax the facial muscles that make these “lines” over time. Alex taught me that botox can be preventative. Many people think they need to wait until they have deep lines to start getting botox. You can do that, however, once you have visible lines at rest, the botox alone will not make those disappear. It will lessen the movement that has created those lines over time and will prevent them from getting deeper, but it will not erase those lines present at rest. If you start getting botox before you have lines at rest, then you can prevent that from happening. If you already have lines at rest, it’s not too late though! If you start and continue to get botox consistently, you will not be using those muscles as strongly and they can get weaker over time, helping the lines some. Or you can use filler to “fill” in the deep furrows.

Botox is indicated for ages 18-65. I am realizing it is very common for people of ALL ages. I was super nervous (so was Austin) but now we’re both like “ohhhhhhhhhh I get it now!” I still have movement, I look normal, I’m just not furrowing my brow every time I have a thought or read something on my phone… which is what my problem used to be.

Alex also emphasizes that it is best to get botox at a dermatologist’s office or a plastic surgeon’s office. This is not the place to “shop around” for the best deal in town, and It’s definitely not something to get a Groupon for! Get Groupons for Sips n’ Strokes… not for someone to inject toxins into your face. At the end of the day, you want it done right, and sometimes you get what you pay for.

In my current skin care regimen, I use 2 brands: NeoCutis and Revision. I do happen to use 1 prescription Obagi product as well. All of these product lines are sold in physician offices- most dermatology and plastic surgery offices carry these lines. In general, it is not wise to purchase online. You don’t know what you are getting. The products purchased online are often fake or expired. However, you can purchase revision directly from the company at The Revision prices online are slightly higher than purchasing in Alex’s office. Alex’s office does carry other product lines as well, these are just the particular products I am using and loving.

I am using many products because I view it as an investment in my skin. Please know you can have a great skincare regimen with less “steps” and products than this.

In the morning:

First, gentle cleanser. These product lines make some very nice cleansers that I have used. But I also just use a basic one sometimes like Cerave, Cetaphil, or Vanicream

Then I put on the NeoCutis Micro serum. The neocutis serums are ultra concentrated with anti-aging benefits and I believe this product has changed my skin more than anything.


Next, Revision Vitamin C serum 30%

Then the Revision Intellishade SPF 45 I like the truphysical

Lastly, NeoCutis lumiere eye cream.

At night time, I simply remove my makeup with Bioderma. I’ve been using it since high school! It’s my favorite. Then wash my face with CeraVe face wash. Alex recommends gentle cleaners. Do not use anything abrasive, like a scrub. (my retinoid is giving me a chemical exfoliation, so I don’t want a physical exfoliation)


Then, I put on my RetinA. There are many different retinoids available. Retinoids, in general, can be drying, irritating, and make you more sensitive to the sun. The vehicle of the product can make a huge difference in the tolerability. I am using the Obagi Tretinoin gel 0.05% (this is a prescription product.) I use it every other night to manage dryness. A pea-sized amount is enough for the whole face so it lasts a long time. You should not use a RetinA if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

I then use the Revision DEJ face cream.

I again apply the Neocutis lumiere eye cream.

Lastly, I put the Neocutis microfirm cream on my neck and chest. Alex taught me that the neck ages differently than the face, so you need a different product for it, rather than bringing facial products down your neck.

When you step it up to nicer products, you don’t need much of them for the whole face, so they end up lasting several months. It is a big investment at first, but with some of these products, 1 bottle will last me 6 months!

You can visit my sister at her office if you have questions, want Botox, need a full body skin exam or want products. She is really great at her job – seriously. I think she’s the best in the biz.

Atlanta Center for Dermatologic Diseases
1265 Upper Hembree Rd. #100
Roswell, Ga 30076


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