How To: The Game Day List

I have been posting more of what I do in the morning to center my thoughts and intentions for the day. My IG fam has really enjoyed it!

Today, I want to dive into one part of my routine: My Game Day List.

Every day is GAME Day in the game of life. The first step to making a game day list is to list out 5 important tasks that are not automatic to your routine.

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For example: if you work out daily, do not write “exercise” on your game day list.

If you are trying to begin daily workouts, write “exercise” on your game day list.

Another example could be”Laundry.”

It doesn’t need to be a huge, time-consuming task.

It will be different for everyone and it may be different for each day.

You may write “exercise” on your Game Day list for 6 months. The moment it feels like a natural part to your routine, you take it off of the Game Day list, to make room for more difficult activities you want to be better at.

On the weekends, I write more household duties on my Game Day list, as those aren’t as natural to me as something like exercise or checking my email.

At the bottom of the page, you will either write a “W” or an “L” at the end of the day. This stands for “win” or “lose”. If you complete your game day list, write a “W”. If not, write an “L”. Be honest, remain encouraged. It’s simply a tracking system. Focus on winning the week overall.

This will help you feel accomplished. The real benefit is a fresh feeling of confidence as you crush the hard parts of your day!



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